Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life and My catch up post : )

love the challenge of keeping up with this project. I am journaling a little bit every day, taking my photos and recording the bits of our life. February is winding down for me, which after the past three weeks of crazy is a good thing. We have had a ton of hockey games, a tournament this weekend and then off to The Soo for State Finals. Madison has been sick with a UTI that is finally getting better and I had to deal with recall attempts, Circuit Court dates and Township Budget prep, but I am getting it done and after the Presidential Primary next Tuesday I will be able to breathe a little sigh of relief.

and tomorrow, we will be celebrating!! I married my best friend 27 years ago!! crazy...just doesn't seem possible that it was 27 years ago.

so, as I said I am loving the challenge of keeping up with my Project Life album. I am sharing weeks 3 thru 5 below. week 6 is almost done and 7 is in my head.


Week Three - Jan 15th-21st

Week 4 - Jan 22nd thru 28th

Week 5 - Jan 29th thru Feb 4th