Saturday, September 17, 2011

you are perfect to me

Digi Dare #244 

Adjectives = Descriptive words. One of my son’s teachers gave us an assignment at back-to-school night to write down a list of words that describe our child. The first 3 or 4 were easy to come up with, but it got more and more difficult as I sat there trying to think of things. But it was fun to really think about my son and think about all the different words that could describe him, good and bad.
This week I want you choose a person you are close to and come up with at least TEN adjectives that describe them! Be sure to think of words to describe the good and the bad. 
Dare Flair:
  • Use at least one photo of your chosen person – make it black & white!
  • Use at least 10 different adjectives, some good and some bad!
  • Arrange the adjectives so that they are somehow scattered around the photo(s) of your person on at least three sides.
  • Use a different font or piece of wordart for each word.
  • Think of a color that reminds you of this person and make that the dominant color on your layout.
 and here is my layout:

Remember – be sure to submit a link to your layout here  in the comments by 10 pm EST next Thursday, September 22nd!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A love affair with BasicGrey

anyone who knows me from my paper scrapping days know that I have a bit of an addiction with BasicGrey.....I bought every single paper they released, and alphabets - I have plenty.  As I made the transition over to digital, I started to sell, donate or give to family many of my paper supplies, but one of the few things I could not get rid of was my BasicGrey.  It still sits in my paper rack, just begging me to use it.  I still do, creating a few cards or mini albums occasionally, but digital is really my creative outlet.  Naturally when BasicGrey started releasing digital kits I knew I could get myself in trouble with my credit card, but started picking up a few kits anyway and incorporating them into my designs.

The new BasicGrey Blog was introduced by Melanie with the announcement of a BasicGrey design team opportunity.    I sent in my application and waited (like many of you).  Well today, the wait is finally over.  I am a member of the BasicGrey Digital Design Team, and I am thrilled!!  I can't wait to share with you all of my creations.

here is a layout I did as part of my application....

Credits:  BasicGrey digital collections: Hang 10 Patterned paper, Vagabond Patterned paper, Perhaps Element, Phresh & Phunky Flourishes, Skate Shoppe Elements, Sweetpea Alyssa Notes.   Designer Digitals: Katie Pertiet vintage frame. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school

not so long ago.....
he started kindergarten....
last week he started his junior year in high school
where does time go?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

something fun

I first saw these on Pinterest , I pinned them and ran out and bought the supplies.  That was a couple of months ago, but today I decided to take the time to make them.  : )  next time I will find a foam board that isn't so thick - they were a little hard to cut!

1. First I created individual photos using the polaroid frame download (scroll to the bottem of this post)

2. Then I printed them out on 4x6 photo paper
3. Then I cut to foam board 4x6 and used my Xyron to adhere the photo to the foam board.  I then used my exacto knife to cut the individual photos out. I placed a 1" square magnet on the back of each one.

4. Are these not the cutest!  thanks to ambrosiagirl for the inspiration.  I will be making more of these for family and friends.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Digi Dare #242

this week's dare is brought to you by Tracy!  ready.set.go

And now on to my dare – childhood toys:
I was on vacation last week and one of the major projects we tackled was our kids’ playroom – getting it all sorted, organized, and repainted (including some fun chalkboard paint panels). As I looked at the mess of toys strewn across the floor, I found myself remembering some of my favorite childhood toys.
My challenge for you this week is to create a page that is centered around one of YOUR favorite childhood toys. What is it that made it special? Who gave it to you? Was it something you were longing for, or a big surprise?
Dare Flair:
- Include at least one photo. Although it would be fantastic if you happen to have a photo of you with your toy, stock photography is fine!
- Since this layout is meant to celebrate childhood, choose at least two bright colors and make those the main colors in your layout (along with neutrals such as black, white or kraft).
- You absolutely must journal on your page! Tell us about that toy and your relationship to it. Give us at least five sentences of journaling, please!
- Use at least one interesting border or edge on your page – scallops, reverse scallops, a torn or jagged edge, a cutout design – be creative!
- Use at least two fonts in your title. One should be significantly larger than the other – think of your title as a piece of word art.

you can see more Creative Team samples on the  blog

here's my layout: 

I will add that I did get her off Ebay this weekend...and am so excited.  She was a steal at only $23.75, mint in box.!  I can't wait to have her back