Saturday, September 17, 2011

you are perfect to me

Digi Dare #244 

Adjectives = Descriptive words. One of my son’s teachers gave us an assignment at back-to-school night to write down a list of words that describe our child. The first 3 or 4 were easy to come up with, but it got more and more difficult as I sat there trying to think of things. But it was fun to really think about my son and think about all the different words that could describe him, good and bad.
This week I want you choose a person you are close to and come up with at least TEN adjectives that describe them! Be sure to think of words to describe the good and the bad. 
Dare Flair:
  • Use at least one photo of your chosen person – make it black & white!
  • Use at least 10 different adjectives, some good and some bad!
  • Arrange the adjectives so that they are somehow scattered around the photo(s) of your person on at least three sides.
  • Use a different font or piece of wordart for each word.
  • Think of a color that reminds you of this person and make that the dominant color on your layout.
 and here is my layout:

Remember – be sure to submit a link to your layout here  in the comments by 10 pm EST next Thursday, September 22nd!

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