Friday, January 31, 2014


I am delighted to share that I am once again on the BasicGrey Design Team for 2014.

Help me congratulate the rest of the Baker's Dozen, so excited I get to work with these creative ladies! I am little star struck actually.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I am looking forward to another creative year...and hope to start it out by doing Project 365 Photo-a-Day again and committing to Project Life.

I created this journaling card to get us started.

I created it using digital supplies from Pixels & Company .  

You can download it free here

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Day - Blog Hop Freebie!

Hello everyone!! As we celebrate Digital Scrapbooking Day - I wanted to share with a little tip that is simple, but adds depth to your photos.

Add a frame.
sounds pretty simple right, but when you add one you will see how much the photo then pops from the page.

I added it to this simple layout and then placed my cluster using the Pixels and Company Designers Piccadilly kit and Library Card Date Stamp by Laura Passage.  ps. you can get the kit for free by following the Designers Blog Hop - start here.

Here is the layout without the frame

and with

Here is a birthday card I made using the cluster that I am giving you as a Freebie!

now for the Freebie!!

just click on this LINK TO DOWNLOAD

now, keep on going and pick up some more freebies from the CT!

Pixels and Company
Jennifer H
Mary >>>>>>>>> YOU ARE HERE
Jen F 
Erin T

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Join us at Pixels and Company

Creative Catch Up

now that back to school is in full swing and Hayden started college at Northern Michigan University, I am hoping I will find the time to blog a bit more.

I continue to create for Pixels and Company.  I really love this shop and the creative group I get to work with.  They have brought some fabulous new Designers on board over the past couple of months to add to the already talented lineup.  I only wish I had more time to create.

Here a few of my favorites!!

I also did this calendar 

In other news, we have been getting some fabulous landscape shots of the Northern Lights, storm clouds over the lake and sunrises (usually captured with my cellphone on my way to work).  I will be back tomorrow with a photo share.

Monday, August 12, 2013

17 Seconds

17 seconds is all it took from the start of the race to end the life of someone and end the dreams of a fiancee’.  I am not sure why it has affected me so, I don’t know Ashley or Johnn, but love people who did.

We hear about accidents and death every single day on the news.  We take it in, feel bad for a few minutes, and then carry on with our own lives.  We continue home to our loved ones, going about our everyday routines.

But Ashley can’t do that anymore. So sad and so wrong.

They were young, in love, and just a month away from their wedding day.  A weekend of motocross racing in July changed everything.

Just 17 seconds into his race, Johnn crashed.  No one knows for sure the exact events that lead up to the crash and why, at this point of his race, his injuries were so devastating.  For two weeks Johnn lay in a coma, his family and Ashley by his side, clinging on to false hope.  Hoping that once he came out of his drug induced coma, he could wake up on his own and be the Johnn they all knew and loved.

Friends rallied together, organized a benefit, directed by the very capable hands of my niece, in just two weeks.  They wanted to make sure that Ashley could remain at his side until he woke up and not worry about paying for bills or missing work.

The benefit and prayer ride earlier that day, at the same track where Johnn was injured, was a huge event.  Much bigger than anyone expected, the donations came from all over the state.  Everyone rallied by the family and Ashley.  Everyone prayed for a positive outcome and hoping that the announcements that were sent out postponing their wedding were just that, a postponement.

(The start of the prayer ride)

Sunday afternoon, August 4th, Johnn’s life on earth ended.

He isn’t going to ride again.

(My niece Victoria's boyfriend and one of Johnn's best friends Chad)

He isn’t going to marry the girl of his dreams.

Life just isn’t fair.
And we are reminded of it every single day.

(Ashley and Victoria at the benefit)

Hug and love the ones you are with.  Make sure they know it.  Tell them that you love them.  17 seconds isn’t very long (take a moment and count to yourself).  Try and make sure that every second in your life counts for something.

Johnn’s life has ended, but Ashley’s has just begun.   If you can take a moment and say a prayer for her I am sure she would appreciate it.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Right Here. Right Now.

I saw this fun list on Cathy Z's blog  and decided to give it a whirl.  What's going on in your life right now. 

August 8, 2013

I am, 

•working on getting the rest of our house decluttered.  It feels so good.  
•eating fresh vegetables from our garden.  

•watching the new season of Project Runway.  One of the few shows I watch every week

•listening to news radio on the way to and from work

•looking and researching a good used vehicle. Right now we are leaning toward another mini  van because it is  just so much easier with Madison

•trying to get more organized with all the paperwork that consumes our lives

•preparing our house for our refinance appraisal.  Taking advantage again of low interest rates

•loving that our girl is finally feeling better after 45 days of antibiotics.  Hoping that the daily  maintenance dose  will keep the UTI’s away

•revisiting the idea of Project Life - I am thinking I am too late for this year, but really want to do  this and will set  forth a plan for next year. 

•continuing to work with BasicGrey for my 3rd Year on their Design Team.  Really excited for  this opportunity and  their partnership with

•wanting to learn to quilt and pull out my cross stitch again

•bombarding my brain with creative ideas that I hope to someday accomplish

•scrapbooking every chance I get with the fabulous digital kits at Pixels and Company

•photographing anything and everything and planning our blog layout for SuperiorLens  Photography

•absorbing these last few weeks before Hayden starts his first semester at Northern Michigan  University

•pinning lots of goodness on Pinterest. Everything from scrapbook layouts, dinner ideas and of  course Project Life stuff

•enjoying my husbands company and wishing we could plan a vacation together just to take    photos

Do you want to play along? here is a website with a bunch of ing words