Monday, November 16, 2009

Hockey ramblings......

one of my favorite things about Will not coaching Hayden's hockey team this year is that he gets to actually watch the game and take photos. We specifically bought our high end zoom lens with that in mind. Taking photos in hockey rinks can be a challenge, adjusting to the lighting, dealing with the protective glass and safety netting is always something you need to figure out. This photo was taken at the Cornerstone Ice Center in Green Bay. We love the big rink there, lots of room for photos at a lot of different angles. I love that Will was able to capture this shot, the exact moment that Hayden's goal went into the net. You can see that the goalie didn't even move his glove yet. . . Hayden was pretty excited that he scored and we were pretty excited that we captured it on film.

Credits: Anna Aspnes at Designer Digitals - she makes the best grunge stuff : )