Monday, August 12, 2013

17 Seconds

17 seconds is all it took from the start of the race to end the life of someone and end the dreams of a fiancee’.  I am not sure why it has affected me so, I don’t know Ashley or Johnn, but love people who did.

We hear about accidents and death every single day on the news.  We take it in, feel bad for a few minutes, and then carry on with our own lives.  We continue home to our loved ones, going about our everyday routines.

But Ashley can’t do that anymore. So sad and so wrong.

They were young, in love, and just a month away from their wedding day.  A weekend of motocross racing in July changed everything.

Just 17 seconds into his race, Johnn crashed.  No one knows for sure the exact events that lead up to the crash and why, at this point of his race, his injuries were so devastating.  For two weeks Johnn lay in a coma, his family and Ashley by his side, clinging on to false hope.  Hoping that once he came out of his drug induced coma, he could wake up on his own and be the Johnn they all knew and loved.

Friends rallied together, organized a benefit, directed by the very capable hands of my niece, in just two weeks.  They wanted to make sure that Ashley could remain at his side until he woke up and not worry about paying for bills or missing work.

The benefit and prayer ride earlier that day, at the same track where Johnn was injured, was a huge event.  Much bigger than anyone expected, the donations came from all over the state.  Everyone rallied by the family and Ashley.  Everyone prayed for a positive outcome and hoping that the announcements that were sent out postponing their wedding were just that, a postponement.

(The start of the prayer ride)

Sunday afternoon, August 4th, Johnn’s life on earth ended.

He isn’t going to ride again.

(My niece Victoria's boyfriend and one of Johnn's best friends Chad)

He isn’t going to marry the girl of his dreams.

Life just isn’t fair.
And we are reminded of it every single day.

(Ashley and Victoria at the benefit)

Hug and love the ones you are with.  Make sure they know it.  Tell them that you love them.  17 seconds isn’t very long (take a moment and count to yourself).  Try and make sure that every second in your life counts for something.

Johnn’s life has ended, but Ashley’s has just begun.   If you can take a moment and say a prayer for her I am sure she would appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

this is so heart touching and so so sad, very well written.Johnn and Ashley were a beautiful they say "a match made from heaven" and ended sadly as "a match taken from heaven".I know the pain Ashley is going thru as I have been there myself and it is a great challenge day by day and in time will get easier for her. A tragity of this degree is so hard to understand or can only wonder and never know why. Life can be so unfair. My heart and hugs go out to you Ashley Marie. your friend Lori